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The Automated Drinking Revolution Is Here — a Must-Try Las Vegas Bar Experience.

We’ve all been there. That moment you get to a bar, furiously waving your arms (awkwardly tiptoeing over strangers) in an attempt to get the bartender’s attention. Well, those days are behind us.

The wave of the future is now.

Enter the newest Las Vegas Strip addition, Tipsy Robot.

These mechanical marvels can produce up to 120 drinks per hour. Try one of their 18 perfectly mixed, ready-to-sip specialty robotic cocktails. Or, have them craft your own creation and name it after yourself.

Share the recipe online with friends and other Tipsy Robot users. Keep in mind; the robot twins are programmed to shake and blend precise quantities, eliminating human error.

Place your order by using one of Tipsy Robot’s 28 on-site tablets. From there, sit back, relax, and watch these “go-go gadgets, go.” And, giving new meaning to the favored dance move “the robot,” the duo just might showcase their killer dance moves during your visit.

But, for those not quite ready to imbibe in the future, don’t worry; there is a separate human-operated bar inside Tipsy Robot, as well.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Tipsy Robot’s limited-time offer, 2-for-1 drinks. Click here for walking directions to the future.